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Tub-less Bathrooms Trending
July 28, 2014 - Kitchen and Baths
Master baths top most homeowners? lists and four in ten will be skipping the tub, according to a Houzz Bathroom Remodeling Survey. Additional findings include:

*New light sources are key: Nearly half of respondents are adding a window, four in ten are adding a lighted vanity, and one in ten are adding a skylight. Seven percent are even spicing up the shower with LED lights in their showerhead.
* High-efficiency toilets dominate: Overwhelmingly, new toilets will be high efficiency and more than one quarter of younger homeowners are choosing tankless and wall mounted options.
* Double sinks on the rise: More than half of homeowners will have double sinks in their master bathroom.
* Showers stay glassy: Glass shower enclosures are the clear choice with frameless glass topping the list for master baths. Shower curtains are banned from most masters but remain popular for other full baths.
* Rain showers skew younger: When it comes to showerheads, homeowners under 45 are more likely to choose rain and multiple showerheads in the master bath while those 55 and older prefer hand showers and sliding bars.
*It?s all about the upgrades: Upgrading fixtures and features is key to bathroom remodels with nearly half of respondents citing this as a motivator for their remodel. Other reasons include making the space more functional, increasing home value, addressing changing lifestyle or family needs and improving organization and storage.
*Unique features adorn powder rooms: While wallpaper is out in most bathrooms, homeowners are eight times more likely to use it in their powder room. Hardwood is four times more likely in the powder room, often extending from an entry or great room. Other features more common in this bathroom are pedestal sinks and furniture-like cabinets. (Source-

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How To Make Your Bathroom Safer
March 11, 2013 - Kitchen and Baths
The bathroom; it's typically the smallest room in the home. ironically, it's also the most dangerous.

Drowning, falls, burns, and electrical shock are all dangers your family can come across in the bathroom. There are many ways to make your bathroom safer, some of which are easy and others a little more involved. You should consider the ages of the people living in the home to determine which safety precautions to take.

Protecting the children in your home from bathroom dangers is pretty easy and simple.

*Don't let children take a bath without help.

*Keep all medications, cosmetics and cleaning supplies out of reach and locked up.

*Set your water heater at 120 degrees Fahrenheit, or just below the medium heat setting. Many times, children don't realize just how hot water can get and can burn their sensitive skin.

*And always be sure to unplug appliances after use and store them out of children's reach.

The bathroom can be a dangerous place for elderly or those who are not able to move around easily. There are many things that can be done to make a bathroom more accessible and safer. First, you will want to make sure the floor of the bathroom next to the tub has a non-slip bath mat and that the floor is always kept dry. In the tub itself, you will want to install a grab bar along the wall of the bath. Make sure this is a horizontally placed bar of appropriate length. Angled bars are not suggested, as they can allow your hands to slip in trying to support your body weight and may lead to a fall. The bar should be long enough for use from anywhere in the tub and also be strong enough to support your weight. Other ways to decrease the chance of falls in the tub is by placing a non-slip mat in the bottom of the tub or buying a folding seat to wash from. A single-lever mixing faucet can control temperature and flow of water better than dual controls and a flexible shower arm can help direct water where needed.

You can also consider replacing your current tub with a tub that has a walk-through insert or doing a complete tub-to-shower conversion. A tub-to-shower conversion is the removal of the existing tub and installation of a shower base. Acrylic liner systems are best for tub and shower conversions. The acrylic liner systems come with molded, slip resistant bottoms and the ability to place grab bars and accessory trays in any location. To maximize safety you can place a folding seat or seated shower base in the shower. You can modify the system to suit your needs, including color, design and accessories. The acrylic bath and shower liner systems are easy to install so you won't be without a bathroom for very long. There are no grout lines to clean and will not crack, chip or peel, meaning little to no maintenance.

As with any remodeling projects in your home, you want to make sure safeguarding your bathroom is done completely and properly. Be sure that your bathroom contractor has a good reputation, professional certification and great references.

About the Author: My family business, New York Sash of Whitesboro, are experts in bathroom remodeling and would love to take care of your family. Visit or call (315) 624-7344 for options and more information.

Kathryn Reilly is a Production and Marketing Assistant for the television show CNY's Open House. Contact her at

Cook Up A New Look For Your Kitchen
August 13, 2012 - Kitchen and Baths
(ARA) - We spend hours in the kitchen socializing, keeping the family organized, and, of course, cooking and eating. As the center of the home's activities, the kitchen should be as fun as it is functional. With just a few supplies and a free weekend, you can cook up a whole new look for your kitchen.

Warm up the walls
Changing the color and texture of walls is an easy way to add some spice to any kitchen. Paint the walls a deep red or blue for a dramatic look, or make your space feel light and airy with a coat of sunny yellow or subtle taupe. Feel free to experiment with decorative painting techniques, such as stripes, geometric patterns or textured finishes.

After you've freshened up the color and texture of your walls, express your personal style through a few new accessories. An antique clock, a picture collage or shelves with colorful canisters are decorative, as well as functional.

Change up the cabinets
Liven up basic cupboards by switching the hardware - it's a simple way to give your existing cabinets a whole new look. Use crystal knobs for a vintage touch, or add stainless steel handles for an ultra-modern, sleek appearance.

And, don't forget about the functional aspect of your cupboards - install shelf liner to ensure cabinets stay clean and well-maintained. Shelf liner protects cabinet shelves and drawers from wear and tear, prevents scratches and keeps spills or drips from damp dishes from causing damage to surfaces.

"I recommend using shelf liner in any kitchen renovation project," says Danny Lipford, home improvement expert and host of the Today's Homeowner with Danny Lipford television series. "It's simple for any homeowner to install and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth or thrown in the washing machine. My favorite is Easy Liner from Duck brand - it offers an array of non-adhesive and adhesive shelf liners that are stylish and practical for use in any kitchen."

The most popular variety, Smooth Top Easy Liner has a smooth surface that catches messes and spills as they happen, making clean-up a breeze, while the non-slip, gripped underside keeps the liner firmly in place.

Transform your table
Create a delightful dining space with a few changes to your kitchen table. Use a staple gun and a bright fabric to recover your chairs, making items you already own look like new additions to your home. You can even create a new tablecloth using the leftover fabric. Then, design your very own placemats using Smooth Top Easy Liner for a decorative touch that's easy to wipe clean as well as replace.

Make sure to add a chic centerpiece - a vase of fresh flowers, a glass bowl filled with fruit or a collection of candlesticks - to transform your existing tabletop and create a focal point for guests as they enter the room.

Brighten the basics
Adding color from floor to ceiling is a great way to improve the overall feel of your kitchen. To start, try adding accessories to areas of your kitchen that feel blase. Bring in color at the highest points of the kitchen by adding faux plants or interesting knickknacks to the space above cabinets. Then, look low and consider the floor. Placing a colorful area rug beneath the table can bring additional interest and color to the kitchen, while also protecting the floor against scratches.

Window treatments are another effective, eye-catching way to make any kitchen pop, whether you're adding new valances, cornices or even long panels. When choosing fabrics, make a statement with bright colors, or choose an unexpected, bold pattern for a contemporary approach. Sophisticated stripes, pretty plaids or fun florals are also a nice choice for kitchens. Follow these tips to make your kitchen as chic as your dinner is delicious - you'll create a flavorful design that will look good enough to eat.
A Complete Kitchen Makeover For Under $500
June 08, 2011 - Kitchen and Baths
Affordable alternatives for updating old, outdated cabinets and countertops.

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